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30/04/05 This is a great website. I am currently researching Scotland while I save money for a trip there and this site has definitely inspired me to save money faster! What beautiful pictures! I have wanted to visit Scotland for 5 years and I’m finally getting around to deciding what I want to do now that I’m able to save money. Thanks so much for your help!

29/04/05 My Husband and I were married at Tantallon Castle on 7th September 2002 - it was beautiful!!
Hannah Bain

19/04/05 I watch The Shoebox Zoo with my family and we wanted to look up some things to see if they’re real or made up so we looked up Tantallon Castle on the internet and found this website. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!! We love the pictures and we reccomend anyone to watch shoebox zoo if possible we just got it from the library because I’d seen some of it on TV but there is still another series to come!We have all agreed to come one day but as we have never been to Scotland yet it won’t be for a while.

13/01/05 I visited Tantallon in September 2004, and would have to say that it was the most impressive place I saw during my travels. Friends ask me what the best part of my trip to Europe was, and I have to say “Tantallon Castle”. When I was there I was the only person at the Castle. It was amazing to spend a couple hours walking around the grounds and not see another person. I ill be going back again soon.

02/01/05 Stewart and I visited this magnificent castle as part of our UK holiday June/July 2004. We visited over 30 castles, occupied and ruined across 5 countries - Tantallon was our hands down favourite. There is something to be said for the isolation and rugged coast that creates a magic no ‘in tact’ castle experience can offer. If you go to Scotland you must go to Tantallon. Thanks for a wonderful web site tribute to our favourite place in Scotland.
Tracey and Stewart

12/12/04 Lovely pictures, great tribute. I saw someone married here once, up the stairs, looking out to sea, and it was magical ! !
My lady wants me to marry me here !, not sure we can afford that !
Thanks again, xx
Nig and Sara ( Swanson & Mackenzie ! )

04/10/04 Tantallon is a great place and has a fascinating history, i enjoyed walking around trying to picture it in its heyday, as a member of this great family (although im from the Black side)it was great trying to imagine my ancestors living and fighting from here. I intend to visit again in Dec 04 and share this place with my 4 year old daughter, i hope it gives her great douglas memories.
William Douglas

31/08/04 I saw the castle on a briliant summers day the setting is as good as Bamburgh
Will definitley visit again
George Bainbridge

18/05/04 War 1996 auf Tantallon und stiess nun zufällig auf diese schöne Seite. Sofort kamen wir wieder die Erinnerungen an die unvergessene Zeit in Schottland.

30/04/04 Gratulation - das ist wirklich eine sehr schöne seite über ein wirklich wundervolles und geheimnissvolles Castle !!
Als großer Schottlandfan hab ich gern drin gestöbert und sie bei den favoriten gespeichert !!
Schaut mal auf unsere HP
Madron MacRoy

13/04/04 Thanks for sharing your pictures , very impressive indeed.I intend to camp nearby this summer for the purpose of obtaining pictures while my companion paints. I’m sure we would both be pleased to share the results with you , while you did beat me to the stormy atmospheric pictures and i can only hope i get similar evenings , i do intend to time my visit for a full moon , quietly bbqing nearby until the light is just right.

12/03/04 Tantallon Castle sounds beautiful, I hope to visit one day. Did you know that John Wesley (the Methodist) wrote about the castle in his journal, ’such is human greatness’.
Sarah Moll

10/02/04 Seid gegrüßt ! Eine schöne HP habt Ihr da. Ich möchte Euch gerne unsere neue HP vorstellen, die Ihr auf findet.
Mittelalterlicher Markt Bad Münster Ebernburg

19/01/04 This site is great! I tried to visit tantallon castle on January, but unfortunately it was closed. hope to have as soon as possible another chance for visiting scotland and, of course, tantallon castle!

08/11/03 We hope to visit Tantallon this Spring (2004) with our daughter, who lives in Edinburgh (she is studying the history (1000 AD - 1450 AD) of the Earls of Orkney and the Sinclairs, and their relationships to Scotland, Norway, and Denmark) (we are Sinclairs) and has been to the castle. Between her descriptions and your web site… it looks like a wonderful place.
Jamie Hall

12/06/03 just a wee hello and to say thanks for the great site, it’s still my favorite on this lovely castle. I proposed to my Fiance there and since have moved to the U.S. and gotten married. Keep up the good work.. top notch web site

16/03/03 We visited your fantastic castle on 12/3/03 and were impressed by its beauty and the surroundings. We were very lucky to have the castle all to ourselves .. making it even more impressive because all we could hear was the seagulls and the sea licking the cliffs. I could not stop taking pictures of those amazing views. I would also like to thank the gentleman in the ticket office .. he was very helpful and friendly. YOU SHOULD ALL VISIT THIS CASTLE .. IT IS BREATHTAKING

10/01/03 I’m so glad someone loves this castle as much as I do! Though I have never been there my mother’s maiden name is Douglas, of the Red Douglasses, and my family history has always been important to me. When I was little I used to dream of coming to Scotland and rebuilding parts of Tantallon that have fallen into the sea. I will finally get to see Tantallon in summer 2004 as my husband and I are saving to go there. I live in the U.S. so it’s going to take us a while to save. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful site about a castle that is so dear to me.
Katie Faris

03/01/03 Thanks, nice web, nice pictures…I will send my pictures of Tantallon Castle. In my area died one Douglass. He wanted to go to Jerusalem with the heart of Robert the Bruce.But he can´t arrive, because he died in the travel fighting againts muslims in the defence of Start castle in Teba (Andalucia-Spain).Muslims sent back to scotland the Bruce´s heart and the body of Douglass. This Douglass was Black Douglass nor Red Douglass like Tantallon castle.

18/10/02 We had a wonderful visit to Tantallon Castle on 14.10.02. It was a blustery and drizzly day, but we decided to walk to the castle from the town of North Berwick. It was quite a hike, but getting there on foot was definitely the way to do it! It’s a beautiful place. We essentially had the place to ourselves while we were there, except for several bird friends that were hanging around. The ticket/shoppe lady was most friendly and helpful and answered all our silly questions about seals and puffins and whatnot. She also got us to the quick and easy bus back to town. All told, it was one of our best days in our all-too-brief trip to Scotland.
Ethan & Hiromi

19/08/02 I just wanted to say how much I love your site. It truly captures the beauty of this wonderful castle which is so close to my heart. I recently proposed to my Fiancee on the ramparts and to my great delight and honor she accepted. That was on the 26th of June 2002, we’ll be getting married on the 3rd of January 2003. I’m going to be moving to the USA as my love is an American lady (I’m Scottish btw). We’ll be back to Scotland as often as we can and Tantallon will be 2nd on our list of places to visit every time we’re here. My mum will be 1st on the list.
I had been looking for a good site of Tantallon for a while because Lateasha (my Fiancee) had seen it in a guide book and fell in love. I must admit that even though I live only an hour away from the castle I had never heard of it! I knew when she spoke about it and how it touched her with it’s beauty that I had found the perfect spot to propose properly. It was a wonderful day and I’ll never forget it as long as I live. I only wish there was a photo on the site that showed the spot we got engaged, never know I might just have to send one in ;)

03/08/02 All I can say is “WOW!” I put Tantallon into google search engine b/c it is mentioned in a Dorothy Dunnett book I am reading (and b/c I am in LOVE with Britain’s past)…your photos are absolutely amazing. I think the ruined castles are so much more poignant and beautiful than those that are “done up” like Warwick. Anyway, just my 2 cents-now I can’t wait to get my hands on Scotland!
Anja Carter

18/05/02 Interesting Site.
Neptune Water Systems Ltd.

13/05/02 Hallo!
Durch Zufall fand ich diese nette Seite.
Gefällt mir sehr gut.
liebe Grüße

09/04/02 Well done
Nancy Kirkpatrick

25/02/02 I found your site doing a search on Yahoo. My grandmother’s family traces back to George Douglas Earl of Angus and the Tatallon Castle was listed as place of Residence. I enjoyed the pictures and history. Thanks

31/01/02 Your site is intriguing. I’ve been to Tantallon many times, and have spent a lonely night in the moat. The dungeon however, is another matter!
I imagine a few unusual things have happened there after dark.

20/12/01 ‘Dint doon Tamptallon
Build a brig tae the Bass’ - two impossible things to do before breakfast!
Nice site.
david anderson

07/12/01 I found your site quite by accident when I entered ‘Tantallon’ into the Google search engine. I was curious as to the meaning of the name. You see I live in Tantallon, Nova Scotia. Being a Scot by race with our ancestrial castle also near Edinborough made it even the more interesting. You’ve done a beautiful job on the web site. My compliments!
Allen Ramsay

26/11/01 My fathers family came from North Berwick so I have visited the castle many times. He remembers as a boy climbing on the castle which was covered with ivy at that time (about 1916).
He and my uncles told a story of a family of robbers in the 19th century who secretly were living in the castle, using it as a home and a base to rob farms and homes in the area.
They were captured when firelight was seen flickering in one of the windows one night and a group of locals went to investigate.
ronnie walton

30/09/01 Schöne Homepage.
Da ich selbst Tantallon Castle besucht habe, habe ich nun noch zusätzlich, neben meinen Fotos, eine Erinnerung an das Schloss. Außerdem erfahre ich immer das Neuste.

09/09/01 It’s a very neat page. I really enjoy castles, and I hope to visit this one in the near future.

25/08/01 I’ve only been to two castles, the ‘Warwick’ in England and ‘Casa Loma’ in Toronto. You’ve a fantastic web site, and ‘Tantallon’ is truly beautiful. Greetings from Canada!

20/08/01 A movie tour around Tantallon castle is available free here. Enjoy and if you have any comments please do drop me a line

26/07/01 I have never ever traveled to the United Kingdom, that is to say, outside of London.
For that era of geography, the feu R.L. Stevenson of Scottish lore is my sole Beatrice, contemporary guidebooks such as “The Book of Europe” (Chicago, New York, San Francisco | but printed and bound in the Netherlands: Rand McNally & Company | Mitchell Beazley Limited, 1973) not having been up to the ardor, whom I rely upon for amusement if not trusty guiding through the labyrinth of water lilies over which, in a modern era, we may take ourselves the liberty (given the U.S. Constitution, 1st amendment rights and all that jazz) to traipse lithely over, without fear of falling into, the pond (Americans in the 1950’s, lest it reveals my full age, made a point of learning to swim in artificial water bodies of man-made devising as a point of honor, usually in anticipation of that event per annum whereby children so inclined (and perhaps subject to the modest entrance fee, truth be told) dove after living gold fish inverted into the waters of the municipality’s swimming pool by the local authorities, whose ratiocinating in that regard was never made known to me, nor had I thought to ever ask). Short, Stevenson had the following to reference the Tantallon Castle, I would assume in my imaginary scenarioing: “This choice piece of seaboard was sacred, besides, to the wrecker; and the Bass, in the eye of fancy, still flew the colours of King James; and in the ear of fancy the arches of Tantallon still rang with horse-shoe iron, and echoed to the commands of Bell-the-Cat…” (”The Lantern-Bearers and other essays of R.L.Stevenson, edited by Jeremy Treglown, New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1988), p. 226. By which means, I come to stop at this spot.
I hope one day to enjoy the time and energy to visit your Castle, which fortunately lies in Scotland, rather than Spain, the imaginary castles of which are denied access to anyone too pragmatic not to become swayed by false illusions of flying buttresses only too willing to incline one into realms of flighty fantasies of evanescent unsustainability in the development of a life.
Meridy S Lippoldt, Portland, Maine U.SA.

10/07/01 A very good website, easy to follow and interesting too. I live in Co. Durham which is in SE England and now intend to visit Tantallon Castle in the near future.

09/07/01 I live in Fort Washington, Maryland, USA. Fort Washington is a suburb Southeast of Washington, DC. My wife and I are members of Tantallon Country Club which has been named after Tantallon Castle in Scotland. All of the streets surrounding the Club are named after courses in Scotland (St. Andrews, Gleneagles, Carnoustie, etc.). The address of Tantallon Country Club is 300 St. Andrews Drive; Fort Washington, Maryland; USA; 20744.
Some of our members have visited Tantallon Castle and took photos of the Castle. From the photos that I have seen, Tantallon Castle is located in a very scenic place.
Lloyd Stimson

26/04/01 War gerade auf Urlaub in Schottland. hab mir auch Tantallon Castle angesehen und war begeistert. Die Brandung, einfach atemberaubend.
Herzliche Gruesse!

24/04/01 I am an Edinburgh resident who loves Tantallon. I have sent your website link to friends in Nova Scotia who are coming to visit soon.
Thanks for the site on one of the best defensive positions able to withstand siege I`ve ever seen and believe me I`ve seen a few ….The sea gate concept is fantastic.
thanks again, great site

26/03/01 It’s wonderful! I’m glad I got to see this much of Tantallon Castle. It would be wonderful to see it myself, but isn’t likely to happen. That would be a long trip from the middle of the US. Thanks for putting up the pictures. :)

25/03/01 Ich weiß, war nicht warum hier alle Englisch schreiben, aber ich schreibe deutsch und deine Seite gefällt mir sehr gut…

22/03/01 A fantasic castle with lots of history. I have visited Tantallon on numerous occasions and always enjoy going back. Maybe I will get to visit my birthplace, Munster in Germany aswell.
Stewart Douglas

26/02/01 Greetings from Burg Finstergrün ( :-)))

13/01/01 Thanks for giving us this site. How extraordinary! I’m a Douglas, recently restored to Douglas heritage and history, living in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
This site is beautiful…
Again, thanks!

06/01/01 I just had to comment on what a wonderful site this is! I reside in Tantallon, Nova Scotia, Canada which is also next to the ocean and a lovely place to live. It was so great to find so much information on Tantallon Castle. Nova Scotia also means New Scotland. Thanks for such a great site!
Sherry Elliot

03/01/01 After years of promising to do so, my son and I visited Tantallon Castle in 1998. My uncle who lived in Prestwick had called his home “Tantallon” and had left it to my father on his death, on the condition that he would reside there. My father would not return from Canada, so the estate was sold but when I purchased a farm, in Ontario, which had been crafted from local stones by a Scottish mason back in 1859, I decided that the ideal name would be Tantallon Farm. We enjoyed our 1998 visit immensely and spent a couple of hours examining every aspect. It is wonderfully maintained and a great credit to Scotland and its fascinating history. Many thanks for a great visit.
Gordon Gilchrist

05/11/00 I went there some years ago and amongst other things looked at the private apartments.I contemplated the fact that 650 years ago William,my grandfather many times removed built it and lived here not only with his wife but his sister in law.Also interesting to reflect on is the fact that William advised on the tactics ar the battle of Potiers,in 1356,and almost lost his life in a battle which for a number of reasons was a catastrophe for the French.
Francis Douglas

22/10/00 Enjoyed your site very much.I am currently reading Nigel Tranters Stewart Triology and wanted to put a picture of the castle in my head.Thanks.
Bruce Gilhespy

26/09/00 A cowelled figure approaches stealthily, sifting through your scribe’s papers and making copies of what he may steal for his own scroll…..
Oh okay, an encyclopaedist dropped in to get research information to include in his encyclopaedia!
Matthew Probert

23/09/00 Thank you for this web site. Beautiful pictures. I’ll be glad when the history pages are finished. My husband and I will be leaving for a 10-day driving tour of Great Britain in about a week, with a focus on Scotland, and I was considering visiting Tantallon — but couldn’t find out enough about it (pictures, history, whether or not it’s open and accessible) in any of my travel books or even in a fairly comprehensive book on castles, so I turned to the internet hoping to find something more on it, and this web site was the first one that my search engine came up with. I’m delighted to have found it, and it’s answered most of my questions.
Susan Rogers

07/09/00 Impressive web site you have. I am a lurker in alt.comp.freeware and appreciate all the fine information on freeware and related problems.
Keep up the good work.
The Castle is quite interesting to look at the pictures. Alhough I’m not exactly certain as to any lineage to Scotland, I do have lines in Ireland and Wales and think perhaps also France and Germany.
Carl Wilmoth

04/09/00 I visited in ‘96 and Tantallon was my favorite castle. It was drizzling, but it stopped long enough for a rainbow to show through. Without a doubt my favorite picture came from this beautiful place.
Catherine Nickel

30/08/00 I have just returned to Canada from a holiday in Prestonpans and Tantallon Castle and East Lothian are the most beautifull places in the world bar none. Here’s tae the Pans
John Dolan

21/07/00 I visited Tantallon on a 1988 trip to Sctland. It is one of the most beautiful and majestically situated castles I’ve seen.
S. Janko

08/07/00 Tantallon is one of my favorite castles. It is fun to explore and some of my best pictures of Scotland are from Tantallon.
Lisa Hamill

05/07/00 My mum was born in North Berwick and when I have been for a holiday from Australia to visit relatives I always made my parents take me to Tantallon Castle. I love castles and Tantallon is my favourite. I went there again this year with my boyfriend and that is where he proposed to me. Up the top of the castle looking out onto the ocean. Now the castle is definitely the most memorable place for me in Scotland!!!….and by the way I said YES…of course!

24/06/00 My mom says that this is the best information about her favourite castle she has ever seen. I think she is even a greater fan than you are. And she wishes you a lot of success, joy and fun with your website.I for myself am going to visit this beautiful castle with my parents this autumn and I am looking forward to see it!
Love, Rebecca
Rebecca Loebbert

12/06/00 Thank you for the great pages about a great Douglas stronghold.
Jeff Douglas

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