Tourist Information

Did I get your mouth to water? Do you want to visit the castle in person? If you answer at least one of these questions with “Yes!”, you have come to the right place!

Opening hours:
April to September:
Monday-Saturday 9:30am to 6:30pm
Sunday 2:00pm to 6:30pm

October to March:
Monday-Saturday 9:30am to 4:30pm, closed Thursday afternoon and Friday
Sunday 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Tantallon Castle is located 3 miles east of North Berwick off the A198. If you come from Edinburgh follow the signs to North Berwick. In North Berwick either follow the sign to Tantallon Castle or to the “Tantallon Castle Camping Ground” (guess where it got its name from). When you pass the camping ground, take it slowly. A 90 degree turn to the right is just a few minutes away.
Follow the road a few minutes more and the castle will appear on the left side. Steer your car into the parking place and have fun!

If you prefer the street address, here you are:
Tantallon Castle
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 5PN

Here is a map for you: Tantallon Castle

Besides the parking place you will find a restroom and a small souvenier and refreshment shop. If you have any special questions, don’t hesitate to call. The castle has the number +44 (0)1620 892 727.

It is not possible to rent a room in the castle itself. You would’t like it anyway: Tantallon Castle hasn’t had a roof for several hundred years.
You can find a place to sleep in North Berwick. The small town, which is worth a visit by the way, offers hotels, pensions and B&Bs.
Of the last, the B&B of Mrs Frances Fergusson is the friendliest you can find in Scotland.

Dining out:
You might be hungry after climbing the stairs in the castle. If the refreshments that the souvernier shop offers are not to your taste, there is a large diversity of restaurants available in North Berwick and it’s surroundings.

If you plan to marry at the castle, keep this in mind:
I know that several persons have proposed at Tantallon Castle-and their proposals have been accepted-but to my knowledge only one couple was actually married there.
According to Historic Scotland it is possible to have a wedding ceremony at the castle. You can enquire about it here. If you prefer to contact them by phone, this is the number to use: +44 (0)131 668 8686
If you really marry at Tantallon, can you send me a picture?

Colin Brough would like to add:
“I am a minister of the Church of Scotland, so I know the current position!
At present in Scotland only a designated person can perform a wedding ceremony. A registrar, a civil official, can only officiate in a Registry Office - I’m not sure where the nearest one to Tantallon is, possibly in Haddington. Only religious figures are allowed to perform ceremonies at other places - typically this will be a Christian minister (clergy). The Church of Scotland is the national church in Scotland, and we are discouraged from performing weddings merely for money - for instance, we are not meant to enter into a relationship with a hotel whereby the hotel arranages the wedding reception and says to the couple “we can find you a minister…” The intention is that the minister be approached directly by the couple. Some ministers are more open to accepting such invitations than others, and the minister in whose parish (local area) the venue for the wedding should be approached first as a courtesy. I’m not sure which parish Tantallon Castle actually falls into, but one North Berwick church has a website: St Andrew Blackadder Church, North Berwick There is a link from there to the Church of Scotland main website.”

Thank you very much Colin!

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